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Changes in Education

Flipping the Classroom

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Characteristics of Maturing Christian Youth:


1. Personal participation in spiritual disciplines (prayer, study, sharing)

2. Integrating beliefs into daily life through conversations, decisions and actions

3. Aware of God in my life, the life of others, and the world

4. Seeking growth by asking questions and actively learning

5. Serve others with care, and compassion that addresses people and injustices of the world

6. Share the Gospel through words, actions, stewardship and social justice

7. Authentically participate in the worship life of the community.

8. Articulate the basic teachings of Christian faith.

9. Moral responsibility that applies ethics and principles while interacting with larger culture

10. Discern personal gifts and participate in ministry of the community beyond worship

11. Explore God’s call to vocation beyond the Church community through prayer and reflection.

12. Possess a positive Spirit and hopeful attitude towards others, life, and the potential of the world.

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