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Faith is an heirloom-  pass it on!

Sharing faith from one generation to the next is a massive responsibility. Helping people explore their relationship with God and grow in faith is vital to the Church's vitality. The challenge is finding ways to share and shape faith in ways that are relevant in the world today and true to our beliefs. 

Issues of money, volunteers, and attendance can dominate a conversation about Sunday School, youth groups, or other activities. Competing activities and priorities can create a sense of helplessness. Helping the Church be relevant, faithful, and relational is not easy. 

Thankfully, God is still at work and the wisdom of our faith ancestors continues to guide us. The spiritual practices of those who came before us, and emerging digital platforms can come together in amazing ways as we lead the Church into the future. 

Faith Formation Evaluation

Conversations with congregation members, leaders, and review of policies and structures currently in place. 

Re-Visioning Workshop

Reflection and conversation on trends in faith formation, and how your congregation can meet the needs of its members today.  

Staff Coaching

Consultation followed by periodic review for clergy and leaders. This includes children and youth ministry staff, primary volunteers or Pastors.

Personalized Support

We can mix and match, creating a plan that fits the needs of you and your congregation. 

Services Offered

Guidance in Selection of Faith Formation Staff

We can mix and match, creating a plan that fits the needs of you and your congregation. 


Workshop costs are based on congregation size with a lower rate for United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregations. Coaching and ongoing support can be negotiated based on the needs and expectations of the congregation. 

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